The place and date of delivery are determined by the parties.

The return fees are your responsibility when you return the product complies with the one ordered (that is to say when there is no error on our part). In this case, you can make your return by post unless otherwise stated. If there is a back sheet product, thank you to send to the address indicated.

If the product received does not comply with your order or if it has a defect, thank you to contact the After Sales Service under 72 hours by a email with photos.

Thank you to provide as much information as possible about the conditions of purchase, description of reason for return.

Small precision: Upon receipt of your return to our premises, our staff will check the veracity of the information transmitted. If the reported defect pattern, a fixed penalty of 6 euros will be deducted from the refund.

Article 6-1: Sequence of delivery

Except as otherwise provided in these General Conditions delivery costs are still borne by the Customer.

The delivery time agreed by the Parties at the time of placing the Order, according to the possibilities of supply and transport Reca Bedding and in the order of arrival of orders.

Article 6-2: Delivery by post

For products delivered by post, we only deliver within mainland France and Corsica.

If the Customer can not be present at the address indicated on the day of delivery, a notice Passage is deposited in the Customer's mailbox. It is then up to go to the Customer in his order to remove Post Office and, within 10 days of the filing of the Notice.

After this period of 10 days, the product is forwarded by post to Reca Bedding.

If the client decides to proceed with a new delivery, this is a dependent and must be paid before the return by contacting Customer Service.

If the Client wishes to cancel his order, he may choose either a refund or a credit note, the shipping cost is not refunded. If the customer chooses a refund, Reca Bedding will make its best effort to reimburse the Client within 30 days from the date of receipt of the returned product.

If the Customer has entered an incorrect address in his order, the Post Office will be unable to make delivery and the Product will be automatically returned to Reca Bedding.

If the client decides to proceed with a new delivery, this is a dependent and must be paid before the return by contacting Customer Service.

Article 6-3: Delivery by Carrier

Some deliveries are subject to first pass a "blind" of the carrier in case of absence will leave a calling card in the mailbox with a phone number to arrange an appointment for delivery.

Other deliveries by Carrier are subject to a hold appointments organized between Carrier and the Customer.

In this case, if the customer can not be present on the day of delivery, he must choose a qualified person that will accept delivery and assume all the responsibilities of the Customer.

Once the Transporter and the Customer have agreed to an appointment at a date and time range, the Customer must imperatively be present on the day and throughout the set time range. In the event that the Customer is absent, the Carrier will not make delivery and possible costs related to the organization of a new delivery would be, too, to the Customer.

In the event that the Carrier would suffer substantial delay and independent of his will, Reca Bedding will make its best efforts to provide a new delivery and costs related to the organization of this new delivery will be borne by Reca Bedding.

Unless stated otherwise, the delivery is always made at the foot of the building.

In the event that the conditions of accessibility of the place of delivery chosen by the customer do not allow the carrier to make delivery of the Order by the main entrance of the house, the delivery can not take place but charges delivery remain to the Customer. These conditions may be, for example: stairs too small or too narrow, too narrow entrance door or corridor, no elevator and high floor ...

The Carrier is entitled to judge the accessibility of places and may refuse delivery if it determines that access to places does not conform to the chosen method of delivery. In this case an estimate may be offered to the client to perform this additional service.

On delivery of the Product, the Customer must unpack the product in the presence of Carrier. He must then check the conformity of the Order delivered in the presence of the carrier before signing the Delivery.

In case of anomaly concerning the delivery, the Customer must indicate its reserves as detailed handwritten comments, dated, explicit and accompanied by his signature and that of the delivery on the delivery note and send them to Reca Bedding by mail ( address below) or by email to facilitate the handling of his case. These anomalies can be:

- Product damaged: scratches, bumps, shocks ...

- Product not in conformity in kind (reference error, color ...) or quantity ... please contact the After Sales under 48h after the sale of the product by sending pictures (

Reca Bedding - Customer Service
Place called Louradou 31180
Rouffiac Tolosan France

Any claim made in the absence of reserves may be rejected without recourse for the Client. The absence of complaints, non of reservations on the part of the Customer (under 72 hours or three days after delivery by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt) mean that the product delivered is deemed satisfactory and can not be the 'subject to any subsequent dispute.

Article 6-4: Delivery

Deliveries are made by different specialized conveyors depending on the nature of the object of the control product.

Delivery times vary depending on the carrier and are indicated on the card product.

Responsibility for Reca Bedding could be held liable for exceeding the period reported following the request of the customer when making an appointment with the Carrier.

In case of non receipt of a package on time, the Customer can contact Customer Service who will determine the cause of delay and shall submit to the Client and will make every effort to provide a solution. If necessary, Reca Bedding open an investigation into the product flow from the Carrier concerned.

The Carrier itself fixed the duration of the loss of investigation. For example, a Product supplied by Coliposte and not delivered to the Customer will be subject to an investigation for a period of 20 business days from the date of initiation of the investigation by Reca Bedding.

The opening of the investigation within 24 business hours following the submission by the Customer to Reca Bedding information of non receipt of the Order and the documents necessary for the initiation of this investigation is that Reca Bedding may ask the client. If during the investigation period, the product is found, it is delivered to Customer.

If the product is not found at the conclusion of the investigation and only on this condition, Reca Bedding

- Shipping a replacement product at its expense if the product is still available

- Reimburse the price of the Order lost by the Carrier or offers have on the next purchase if the ordered products are no longer available

In case of non delivery of an order or part control the Customer has a period of sixty (60) days from the date specified for delivery of the Order to notify Customer Service. Upon expiry of this period, no further claims by the Customer will be admissible, that is to say, any request for exchange, refund or credit will be rejected.

Article 6-5: Special cases

Deliveries of bulky goods and / or fragile performed by another carrier that the Post is limited to metropolitan France excluding non islands connected to the mainland by a bridge. (Corsica, Ile d'Yeu, Ile de Porquerolles, etc.)

Other commands result in quotes.

Reca Bedding shall not be held liable for consequential delivery problems access difficulties instead of said delivery. The consequences of these difficulties facing the purchaser. Thus, Reca Bedding can not be sued for damage in these assumptions. Delivery drivers are authorized to judge the difficulty of access and reserve the right not to go upstairs a package, not to make crossings window etc.

Delivery to the floor will be an agreement between the parties when ordering. The buyer must pay the amount of the benefit to the validation of the order and shall in no event claim upon delivery.

Delivery does not include installation or commissioning of the product ordered, or the resumption of old hardware (unless otherwise stated when ordering). These benefits may be subject to particular request and are charged extra.

Article 6-6: Late delivery

In accordance with Articles L 114-1 and R 114-1 and 121-16 and L121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, for any delivery of an order of a Customer in the event of exceeding the delivery date announced in the order confirmation email sent by the Seller, more than 7 days, Customer may cancel his order and seek reimbursement.

A delay in delivery shall not give rise nor to any compensation or cancellation of the current command or the repayment thereof, if it turned out that the delay was caused by the fact the Client or the addressee of the parcel or a third party in cases of force majeure as referred by the courts.


Article 7-1: General

According to Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code, the Customer has a period of seven days from the receipt of the Products to exercise his right of withdrawal without having either to justify reason or pay penalties .

Postage or transport the Product returned to Reca Bedding are to the Customer. The Product must be returned together with your purchase original delivery to the following address:

Reca Bedding - Customer Service
Place called Louradou 31180
Rouffiac Tolosan France

To be reimbursed, the customer must return the product in perfect condition, if possible in its original packaging and provided with its protective film. Any return which shall be repaid no later than thirty (30) days following the date of receipt of product in perfect condition.

Article 7-2: Exception

Pursuant to Article L121-20-2, the revocation is excluded for contracts of goods clearly personalized or made supplies according to the consumer's specifications (custom-made products and non-standard measures, covering, custom colors, corners, specific sizes or thicknesses, items featuring additions or special modifications such as zippers or ticks individuals).